The Advantages of Owning a Gophers SA Mobility Scooter

When it comes to the best mobility scooter in the country, Gophers SA is the brand that you should be looking for. Built for durability, sustainability, and maximum functionality, The Gophers mobility scooters are built like a tank, all while lightweight and features a lot of functional benefits. Here are some of the advantages of owning a Gopher scooter:


Injury Prevention


With the Gopher mobility scooter, you not only nurse your injury, but you can also prevent any injuries as well. Our modern mobility scooters can adapt to any surface, as well as having an improved balance system which prevents the user from falling off the scooter quickly. It also comes with a seat belt, so you can make sure that you’re 100% secured.


Increased Accessibility


Old versions of mobility scooters are made only for indoor use – but not anymore. Gophers SA mobility scooter has an all-terrain system, which means you can use it anywhere you are; indoors or outdoors. You can take the Gopher scooter on the mall, in marketplaces, or even in public places like the park or on sidewalks. Where you want to go, the Gopher mobility scooter can take you there.


Simple to Operate


Our mobility scooters are known for its simple operation. It has a simple throttling system that lets you operate it like a mini scooter. At the same time, you’re safe and secure inside the mobility scooter. You can also adjust the speed, though we highly recommend the default settings of 5 to 10 kph. Batteries are also rechargeable and can be charged even when you’re on the move. Make sure you don’t overcharge it as it will affect the power capacity of the scooter.


A Scooter for Every Need


The Gopher mobility scooter is available in three different types, each with its unique features to help specifically help a need. Below are some pieces of information that can help determine which Gopher scooter is the right one for you:


  • Mini/Portable – the smallest type of mobility scooter; lightweight and can be carried anywhere you go.
  • Mid-range – medium-sized scooters designed for longer journeys; suitable for indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Road legal – these scooters are the largest among the three and functions as a real-life scooter. It can be used on the road but not on highways.



Whatever your situation is, there will always be a Gophers SA mobility scooter that’s right for you. Visit our website now and order one today! You can also visit our physical store in downtown Adelaide. We can also give you some expert advice on what you should by according to your situation. That way, you will get the perfect mobility scooter that can address your needs.