Traveller-friendly Hotel Gym Equipment Tips

Hotel Gym equipmentIf you own a hotel business that targets the fitness-minded traveller, it is no secret that one of your priorities is to come up with a comfortable and traveller-friendly fitness centre. While you probably already have an area allocated for it, the challenging part is finding the right set of hotel gym equipment. So, in this post, we’ll try to provide you with a bunch of tips on how you should create the best gym for your hotel guests to love.

1 – Choose equipment that is both clean and space-efficient.

One of theobvious reasons why a lot of people try to avoid going to a traditional fitness centre or gym is the lack of space and congestion. In a luxurious hotel setting, you do not want your gym to look cramped and congested because travellers and guests will not like it. When choosing equipment to put in your hotel gym, you must focus on finding those who are space-efficient but still functional.

Likewise, the cleanliness of the equipment and facility, in general, is crucial since hotel guests do not want to put themselves in a gym while feeling uncomfortable and filthy. There must be a staff tasked to clean the equipment regularly.

2 – Focus on variety.

It is true that choosing equipment that saves space and keeping them clean is critical, but you also cannot put up a gym on your hotel with nothing but treadmills and free weights. If you want your guests to become interested in your fitness centre, you should focus on giving it some variety. So, aside from treadmills and some weights, consider adding multi-stations, exercise bikes, and a functional trainer, all for offering your guests a variety.

3 – Give your guests other exercise options.

When it comes to choosing hotel gym equipment, it is no secret that cardio and strength stations are a must. However, like when you select a variety of equipment for your hotel gym, you likewise must consider giving your guests other exercise and workout options. For example, it helps if you add some rooms and space intended for fitness classes for your hotel guests for the likes of dance and Zumba, yoga, and Pilates.

Some of the best hotel gyms out there provide complimentary fitness bags for their guests, which in turn will create the impression that you are serious about giving them the best possible experience in a hotel gym.

With more and more people becoming increasingly aware and conscious about healthy living, you expect that the investment you make in a hotel gym and fitness centre will bear fruit in no time. If you target hotel guests who are fitness conscious, the presence of a gym with excellent exercise equipment and a comfortable place will give you the edge over your competitors.