Are the Milwaukee Brushless Kit worth the Cost?

Nowadays, brushless motor tech has been all the craze in cordless power tools. It has been the trend in the past three years. Every major manufacturer now has a brushless lineup of tools – just like the popular US-based power tools manufacturer, Milwaukee, who holds the title as having the best brushless tools available in the market today. But is it worth the cost? Is it worth buying the Milwaukee brushless kit – We think so. Here’s what we have in mind:



Brushless motors aren’t new to power tools, but after Milwaukee, along with other big-name brands, manufactured and launched full-blown lineups of tools with robust batter platforms, the race for supremacy and relevance was on. However, we all know who currently holds the title for the best brushless lineup. Milwaukee continues to innovate their lineup and is pretty much in demand across various industries. However, what is the difference between a standard brushed and a brushless power tool?


We’ve got an excellent primer on the structural differences between a brushed and brushless motor. For brushless motor tools, the motor adapts and adjusts according to the task that you’re currently doing. So, the more resistance and pressure the drill or saw detects, the more power it will draw. At the same time, if there’s a lack of resistance, the pull will lessen. This innovative feature proves to be a significant advantage when it comes to battery management. It boosts the runtime and increases the performance of cordless power tools. A standard brushed motor will always max out whatever speed it’s set, so you don’t have the same level of control that you have with a brushed motor.



That’s why people are raving about the Milwaukee brushless kit – It is even one of our best-selling items online. Due to its sophisticated lineup of brushless tools included in its package, you can invest in one kit and have everything you need right off the bat. That means you won’t have to purchase separately since everything is already there.


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