The Importance of Seeing a Pelvic Floor Physio Adelaide

Women’s healthcare has changed dramatically over the past four decades. When we look at all the various range of services that are available to us, we quickly forget that these were not present in the past and that we’re fortunate to have them now. A pelvic floor physio Adelaide is one such service, which now plays a crucial role in women’s health.


When it comes to helping ladies get fit and have good wellbeing during pregnancy, pelvic physiotherapy can significantly help. In can also be relevant during a woman’s menopausal stage. A highly trained pelvic physiotherapist works within the Australian medical system and can be found in different hospitals, women’s clinics, and even private health centres. So, with all that said, what exactly happens when you visit a pelvic floor physiotherapist?



Pelvic Rehabilitation


For starters, pelvic floor physio Adelaide helps women rehabilitate their pelvic floor muscles. These muscles can significantly weaken after childbirth, heavy lifting, surgery, being overweight, having constipation, or going through menopause. The pelvic floor muscles are principally responsible for supporting the womb, bladder and colon. It forms a sling from the pubic bone at the front to the tailbone at the back. If the muscles in these areas are weak, they can affect bowel and bladder control, resulting in leakage or incontinence.


In other situations, the pelvic floor muscles may become overactive over time. That means they can switch involuntarily when they should be relaxing. If you’re like this, then you need to learn how to release your muscles. Overactivity can cause difficulties with emptying the bladder, using tampons or engaging in sexual intercourse.



Training & Registration


Physiotherapists study and train under a four-year bachelor’s degree program. Afterwards, they will also undergo a two-year training to refine their skills and decide where to focus specifically. Specialising in pelvic floor physio Adelaide involves a postgraduate certificate or master’s programme. They also undergo examinations and board exams before they are given the license and certification. In short, a pelvic physiotherapist undergoes a ton of training and education to get to their current situation. They are more than capable of helping you with your pelvic problem.


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