Why Is It Smart to Add a Fence for your Swimming Pool?

As a property owner who maintains a swimming pool, there are times when you feel like its existence is more of a concern than convenience. The reason is that while your kids love it, you have some reservations when it comes to their safety. Pools are a favourite outdoor feature in Australian homes, but there is no doubt it poses a safety hazard. Fortunately, there is a solution for you to get rid of that concern. The answer to safety issues is pool fencing Brisbane.


So, how does a fence on your swimming pool help? Let’s find out.


1 – Adding a fence on your pool means improving safety.


If you have a pool fence, you will no longer be worried about your kids and pets anymore. Although it is not both child and pet proof, however, it does provide a high layer of protection to kids and pets if they fail to receive adult supervision. Pool fences provide parents with extra time to find and protect their children before an accident may occur. Since a young child can get over a pool barrier if it is too low or is easy to climb, experts always suggest that pool fences should be at least four feet high. Also, if you wish to have added convenience and safety, be sure to get a self-closing, self-latching and lockable pool gate if you purchase a pool fence.



2 – The fence will significantly lessen the likelihood of slipping and drowning accidents.


The possibility of having an accident in your backyard will be significantly reduced if you invest in a pool fence. Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children under the age of 14, and most of it happens in residential pools. Aside from that, there are also reports which say that complete isolation of a pool with fence reduces the chances of drowning for up to 80%. The tension on a mesh pool fence, for instance, ultimately prevents children from climbing over the fence and removing the barrier all by their selves. Thus, if you want to keep your kids safe, don’t hesitate to invest in a pool fence as soon as possible.


3 – It is a practical investment for your property.


The size of your pool, the type of fence you choose to have, as well as the location, are only some of the factors that you must consider first before installing a pool fence. When you search for a perfect pool fence online, it is necessary that you remember that the cost of purchasing and installing is nothing compared to the cost of losing a life. Thus, it is only reasonable to invest in pool fencing Brisbane that provides an affordable yet efficient solution in keeping your kids safe. Installing a low maintenance fence, like mesh ones will give a lifetime of genuine happiness and extreme safety around your pool.