Top Reasons to Consider the Use of Artificial Grass

Back in the day, it was considered cheap to use artificial turf in lawns. People thought that synthetic material could never replace a natural turf. Nevertheless, it is now time for you to realise that there is more to artificial grass Melbourne than meets the eye. For this particular article, let us help you learn the reasons why it is a much better option than real lawns.

1 – Artificial turf is perfect for pets.

If you have dogs or cats at home, it makes sense to install something on your lawn that is pet-friendly. The best thing about synthetic grass is that you no longer have to apply pesticides and fertilisers to keep it healthy. Also, fake grass is safer and more comfortable to clean, especially if your pets love to play on it. With a plastic material, water and liquid detergent quickly drain away, while you can quickly pick up solid waste and stuff like poop, toys, dander, and others.

2 – Artificial turf is environment-friendly.

If you have real grass on your lawn, it is likely that you use pesticides and fertilisers for killing weeds and pests, as well as keeping the soil healthy for the green. Also, it is highly likely that you are using a gas-powered lawn mower or an electric model for mowing. Likewise, you use a lot of water each year to keep the grass hydrated. While you feel like there is nothing wrong with doing those things, the truth is you are contributing to environmental degradation. The use of chemicals, gasoline, and electricity are things you can avoid if you buy and install artificial grass instead. With it, there is no more need for lawn mowing, watering, and the application of fertilisers and pesticides.

3 – The use of artificial grass requires minimal maintenance.

As mentioned earlier, installing an artificial lawn corresponds to relieving yourself of the usual maintenance burdens such as mowing and watering. Simply put, you spend less effort and time in keeping the synthetic grass in tiptop condition. In fact, the only maintenance required is to wash it from time to time.

4 – It remains green all year.

Another reason why you should consider a switch to artificial grass Melbourne is that it remains green all year round. It is a luxury you never will get from natural turf unless you are willing to pay for a gardener or landscaping service to maintain your lawn on your behalf. The thing with artificial turf is that it is fake, which means it does not grow or die. The only way for the green colour to fade is when the material eventually deteriorates after years of use.

5 – It is ideal for kids, too.

Lastly, you want to install an artificial lawn on your property if you have kids who love to play outside. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf is clean, smooth, and safe. There are no chemicals, mud, insects, and other nasty stuff that hide underneath it.