Five Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder and Get Clarification

Asking the right questions directly to a home builder can ensure you get the most home for your money. Make sure to ask these five critical questions before engaging with custom builders Australia.


Investing in a newly built home is a risk if you do not know the builder. However, millions of families purchase new homes every year because the new construction offers many benefits. You have the unique opportunity to work with a builder to design a floor plan that’s right for you. You can choose interior finishes and accessories that meet your needs and even choose the right location for your new home. To make sure you get the real value for your money, ask the following questions to your builder:



  1. What materials will you use for the construction?


Make sure the builder uses high-quality materials, such as double terracotta bricks, that will improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the home. Ask them if the blocks they use are state of the art and how they will affect the environment. Choose materials with a minimal carbon footprint.


  1. What features are included in the price?


Many builders have show houses that include many improvements that are not included in the price. Make sure to ask what features are standard and what are optional, which could add hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to the final amount. If you want to add basic home features, be sure to get a quote for each additional option. You do not want to be surprised at the end for any additional charges.


  1. Which features can be changed, and which cannot?


Today, home builders can offer homebuyers a wide range of home styles and sizes, including options to tailor each home to homeowners’ needs. However, there are still limitations related to various factors including cost, lot size, building size and more. Reputable companies will be honest about what they can and cannot do to prevent you from being disappointed.


  1. Do you have current incentive programs?


Many custom-building companies have set up programs to help first-time buyers. People with limited budgets can as well realise their dreams of becoming homeowners. All you need to do is find out about the right purchase incentives to save thousands of dollars as they often do not advertise these incentives. Incentives come in different forms to attract different buyers. These may include options such as interior paint and air-conditioning, a discounted price for showhouses, solar hot water systems, high-end kitchen and bathroom accessories and incentives for buyers with a substantial down payment.


  1. Is financing available?


All residential construction companies do not have financing for potential homeowners. If you work with a company that funds your clients, be sure to talk to someone in the finance department about the type of conditions available and the number of lenders and major banks. With the right Custom Builders Australia, you should be able to compare rates and terms through a selection of lenders to get the best deal for your family.


Buying a new home always involves a significant investment in time, money and resources. To get the house of your dreams, be sure to ask them the five questions described above when you discuss your project with a builder.