Buying Ducted Gas Heating Systems

A ducted gas heating system is a luxury that can make even the darkest, iciest, and least survivable months easy to get through. On those usual frosty mornings when it is too cold that you cannot feel your toes, having your heater turn on and warm your home before getting out of bed is a blessing. Modern ducted gas heating Adelaide systems are more energy efficient than the traditional models, giving you a more pleasant, consistent temperature, and there is no need for a pilot light. Ducted gas heating is also a significant investment in your house and one of the most efficient forms of heaters.

Benefits of ducted gas heating

  • The ducted gas heating is an energy efficient type of heating system.
  • The system can be zoned to only heat the only area you are using.
  • It has programmable controllers that allow the option to set the heater to run on before you get out of bed, turn off as you leave home, start again before you get home and switch off when you go to bed.
  • Ducted gas heating systems are kind to the environment.
  • You can get an add-on refrigerated cooling system, however, this need to be chosen at the same time as the ducted gas heating system to allow for the accommodation in the design.

How many ducting outlets will I need?

The minimum number of outlets needed for a ducted gas heating system to operate effectively is six. The average home requires between six to ten outlets. However large houses can have as many as sixteen outlets depending on the home design, insulation and the ceiling height.

What size do I need?

Ducted gas heating systems are rated by their kilowatt out, and come in three main sizes; large (28-35kw), medium (18-21kw) and small (14-16kw). When choosing, a good rule of thumb is 1kw per 1 square metre. A ducted gas heating expert will recommend the right size heater, the amount of outlets requires and also the most suitable model for your particular case.

What do the star ratings mean?

Ducted gas heating Adelaide systems are categorised into 5-star, 4-star and 3-star efficiency ranges. The 3-star unit offers excellent value for money and is very affordable, while the 4 and 5-star models provide lower minimum costs with a higher investment upfront. Mid and also high-efficiency models present a more steady airflow and consistent temperature as the burner, and the fan systems can increase and decrease according to the temperature required, whereas a 3-star model will turn on and off to keep the heat regulated. The additional cost of high-efficiency model pays itself back over five years through lower gas bills.