The Two Essential Factors to Weigh on When Choosing a Floor Tile

Some homeowners find searching a tile for their home as a burdensome and sometimes stressful task. Although they offer an impressively wide variety of colour, size, style and texture, how will you know that the tile you pick is ideal for your living space style and design?

Tiles are one of the significant investments for your home, which means you must put in the effort and time to choose the right variety. The two most important elements to consider are the location and colour for you to find the best floor tiles Adelaide – Aurees Tiles. Let us go through these two factors so that it becomes comfortable and convenient for you to shop around with an improved understanding of your options.

1 – Location

Its durability, being water-resistant and easy to clean is the main reason why tiles are the best material to add in your kitchen, bathroom and entryway floors. Although not all tiles suit every room in your house, your main priority in choosing one should be the safety and practicality of your flooring.  For instance, instead of using smoothly surfaced floors for your bathroom floors which gets slippery when wet, you can use textured tiles. For your entryways, you can use smooth tiles to ease your mopping duties, unlike textured tiles that are hard to clean. Also, for a high-traffic area in your home, you can install double porcelain tiles that are scratch and chip resistant. Since ceramic tiles are more porous than porcelain types, it is best to keep or use it on indoor floorings because it will not last long against any weather outside. After deciding on the type of tile for your floors, the next step is to find the perfect colour.

2 – Colour                                                                                                                      

It is essential to carefully choose the colour of your floor tiles Adelaide – Aurees Tiles because it will influence the overall feel of the room. If you want dark coloured tiles to add warmth to your place, make sure to have an open area or light that will keep the tiles colour from overpowering the palette of the room. For your large kitchen space, chocolate brown, navy or burnt-coloured floor tiles will do best. Also, if you want your room to look more spacious, lighter coloured tiles can help you with that. Colours such as cream and pastel will help to make your walkways or guest bathrooms look larger than its usual size.

Thanks to improved technology in tile manufacturing these days, you now have the freedom to pick from an extensive array of options that feature patterns which will complement your home’s interior design effortlessly. However, you must be sure that your choice won’t contradict to your interior design as well as your personality.