The Benefits of Having Granny Flats

Do you have an elderly relative who’s coming over to stay a for a few months? Are you looking for a separate living area to house various guests? If so, then you need granny flats. can help you build your granny flat, but first, let’s know what it is exactly.

What’s a Granny Flat & Why Do You Need One?

A granny flat is a separate living area that’s designed for single, couple or several persons. It’s commonly located in the grounds of a single-family home. The name is coined from its ability to accommodate old-aged people. It’s a smaller-version house that’s used to either house a senior or be used to accommodate guests. Here Are some of the perks of having a granny flat at home:


Additional Functional Space.

Since it’s a home outside your home, it’s an additional functional space that you can use for different purposes. You can house one of your elderly relatives, guests who come to your home for a visit, or even use it as a party area if your house is too mainstream. If you belong to a club, group, or organisation, you can turn it into a clubhouse where you can hold meetings with club members. Whatever you want to do, a granny flat can provide the space for you.


Extend Your Space

Contrary to popular belief, you can attach your granny flat onto your actual home. By doing so, you can extend your home’s living area and use the extra space as a guest room, a storage room, or whatever type of room you want it to become – it’s all up to you.


You Can Use It As a Rental Space

If your property is big and wide, you can construct a granny flat and rent it to other people who are looking for a place to stay temporarily. That means you can earn money and potentially pay for your granny flat in the future. Since you’re the landowner, you’ll get to decide the rate and the perks of your tenant.



Get A Granny Flat Today

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