What Advantages Do You Expect from Offset Printers?

 Unlike direct printing methods that most people are familiar with, offset printing is a device that is more beneficial most especially to businesses that require the production of a boatload of printed documents. Offset printing is different because while direct printing takes the image or text directly from the computer or electronic source to the printer, it works by way of the machine creating the image on a plate, which in turn will be used to print onto several pieces of paper. Leading offset printers Adelaide are essential for handling large scale projects.

Some of the projects that require offset printing machines include that of producing magazines, books, newspapers, brochures and stationeries since they all demand a high volume of production. Although it does add some steps in the process, for large orders, it makes a financial sense for numerous reasons. Offset printing is a quick process that utilises large rolls of paper instead of individual sheets. Its speed provides press efficiency which in return allows your magazines, books and even catalogues to get printed at a cheaper cost which is hugely beneficial to your business.

It is no secret that ink is one of the main concerns when using direct printing methods since it quickly fades and runs out, unlike offset printing which is controllable. The operator can twist some screw keys to adjust the ink flow on the fountain roller. Through this, the creation of wasted prints with insufficient contrast will dramatically lessen.  Plus, its printing plates are too easy and quick to make today due to the fast development of our technology.

Meanwhile, offset printing is also ideally used by companies that use different types of materials for their project. It is an excellent method to be used to print on woods, plastics and metal. Other types of printers don’t have the capability of copying on anything other than the usual which is paper to paper material. So, if a business or company needs improved productivity and flexibility, an investment in leading offset printers Adelaide makes complete sense.

There is no doubt that offset printing is the wisest investment you can ever make if you want to produce high-quality products while only spending less amount of money. Not only that but rest assured, the image quality that offset printing produces is consistently good as the rubber blanket on the printing plate fits itself to the texture of the printing surface. Undoubtedly, you will produce a detailed and clean image every time you create your project if you use offset printing.

The printing plates used in offset printing needs some extra care and maintenance since they are of anodised aluminium which is vulnerable to chemical oxidation. Aside from that, although the printing quality is high, it is not quite as good as photogravure or rotogravure printing. But, don’t worry because all these disadvantages won’t deny the advantages and benefits of offset printing.