Top Benefits of a Limestone Retaining Wall That Will Make You Consider It

The retaining wall is a type of structure offering you both practical and visual benefits. Its primary purpose is to hold back soil and prevent the prospect of flooding and erosion. Being a versatile structure, you have the luxury of choosing which material to use for building the wall on your property. The preferred materials include that of concrete, brick, boulders, blocks, timbers, and others. But in this article, we will talk about the perks of choosing limestone retaining walls Perth.

1 – Stunning Looks

Arguably the most crucial advantage of choosing limestone as a material for building a retaining wall over other things is its aesthetic appeal. No one will deny the fact that limestone is a visually stunning stone, offering varying shades. Hence, if your primary objective is to build an additional feature to your outdoor space that will considerably improve its aesthetic value, then you can choose a limestone colour of your choice to do that.

2 – Extremely Durable

Aside from being visually stunning, limestone is also one of the most durable materials you can find for outdoor construction purposes. Its natural composition gives it the resiliency needed for withstanding extreme weather conditions. It is something you should consider in building a retaining wall since you want something with remarkable retaining qualities. You also want your wall to last for decades to come without any maintenance requirement.

3 – Versatile

The third most crucial quality of limestone retaining walls Perth is versatility. It is a unique feature that you do not expect to find in other materials intended for building the same structure. The versatility of limestone for retaining wall construction is highlighted by the fact that you can choose a unique design and colour. The truth is the material is not exclusively used for retaining walls, but also for building other stuff, including that of walkways, swimming pools, and floors. Limestone is flexible as well as it allows for cutting in different shapes, sizes, and designs.

4 – Consistency

Don’t forget that limestone is a quarried type of stone, which means it is possible to come up with any shape or size since experts can cut it whatever they want. Accordingly, you can achieve consistency shapes with limestone, something crucial in the construction of retaining walls.

5 – Affordable

Even with the boatload of features and remarkable qualities that limestone has, it is incredible to know that it remains as one of the cost-effective materials to choose for the installation of a retaining wall. You’d be surprised at its affordability. The reason why you don’t need to pay top dollar for it is that limestone is readily available and won’t require complicated manufacturing processes to utilise it in construction.