The Things You Should Know About Misting Systems

The summer months may be one of the things you look forward to every year, but there are times when the heat and temperatures outside reach a point when they become unbearable. The inconvenience of the summer is no issue if you are inside your dwelling since you can use an air conditioning system. The problem is when you want to enjoy the outdoors, but you cannot do it because of the extreme heat. But the good news is there is a solution to combat the heat, and that is by using a misting fan.

Misting is a revolutionary method of bringing down outdoor temperatures and adding moisture to dry air. It is by far the most efficient way of cooling the outdoors – a place where the typical AC system won’t work. When you take advantage of a fan with misting nozzles by Smartmist Australia, you will enjoy the benefits of a comfortable outdoor area, be it your garden, patio, or verandah.

If you do your research, you will eventually learn that there are a handful of different misting systems. The list includes low pressure, mid pressure, high pressure, and others. Every type comes with unique advantages and specific applications. For instance, low, mid-, and high pressure misting line systems make use of the natural evaporation process for cooling air around misting lines, which in turn are set up along the perimeter of the area you wish to cool. The system forces the water through sophisticated misting nozzles by Smartmist Australia to spray droplets of water to the surrounding air. The water droplets will absorb the heat found in the atmosphere and evaporate. The droplets will transform into water vapour or gas.

The idea behind a misting fan system is to succeed in outdoor cooling by way of evaporative cooling coupled with convective cooling. Simply put, the process involves cooling of moving air. The mist is responsible for cooling the air while the fan will work to intensify the cooling effect. The simplest way to explain the concept is to imagine the ocean, as the breeze blows across the evaporating water and thereby cooling the surroundings.



The most advantageous aspect of misting line systems, especially the low-pressure type, is that they are reasonably priced and very easy to install. The system does not require fancy tools, too. It will use the existing water pressure from the faucet, which means that a low-pressure system won’t need a pump to produce the mist. On the other hand, a mid-pressure misting system comes equipped with a booster pump that’s about 120 psi. It is no secret though that the high-pressure misting line system offers the best power, which is why you can find them in amusement parks, sports events, and outdoor restaurants. But you are not likely to see one for residential use.