Do You Still Need a Home Inspection on a New Home?

Even if you plan on purchasing a newly-built home, there still is a need for a comprehensive building inspection. new home building inspection MelbourneNothing is more exciting than buying a new home, especially when it comes to the point where you get to choose every detail from the ground up. The advantage of selecting a newly constructed house to that of a pre-built or pre-occupied one is that the former allows you to customise everything, including the furniture, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, and even the interior and exterior paint. But since it is brand new, why would you need a further home building inspection in Melbourne?


It is practical and smart to hire a licensed and qualified home inspection even for a newly built home since you want someone to be there to inspect and monitor the early phases of the construction. The reason is that you need to ensure that an expert sees what is being done with the building while it is still bare. Likewise, you also want an inspector to be present once the construction gets done.


New Homes May Still Have Problems


It is no secret that building a home involves a lot of intricacies and partnerships with contractors, subcontractors, and their workers. Every worker who has a part in it will most likely work in a different and unique system and sometimes, without considering other house systems. With different people working at different things at the same time, it becomes challenging, albeit impossible for the builder to check every detail of the construction. Simply put, even the most experienced builder might miss something along the way. It is why ahome inspector comes in handy since he or she will fill that void. You cannot assume that since your home is new, it no longer has issues. It could have the same problems with pre-built and occupied buildings like missing sidings, unattached ducts, missing insulation, and broken roof trusses.



You Want Issues Fixed Before the Big Move


You need a new home building inspection Melbourne so that any problems and issues, no matter how small or minor they are, get fixed right before you move in. You do not want to jump in and realise there are defects in a home in which you invested your whole life building. Since you already put in a lot of money to buy it, you must be willing to spend extra money to pay for the services of a licensed and qualified inspector. The advantage of hiring an inspector is that you have someone who does not have a vested interest and who is impartial. His or her job is exclusively the creation of an inspection report detailing all the things that he or she considers as problems or defects in the building.


Every home builder will provide you with a work guarantee, but you cannot avail of that if you are not aware that something is wrong with your newly built home. The job of the new building or home inspector is to make you aware, precisely.