5 Weatherproof Outdoor Concrete Coating Options for Outdoor Concrete Surfaces

There’s no doubt that concrete can withstand the harshest elements on its own. It’s used to build skyscrapers and other high risers, after all. Concrete even dates to the olden times when it was used to create temples, castles that are still standing even till this day. So, there’s no doubt that concrete is the most durable type of construction material known to man. However, outdoor concrete surfaces such as the ones used for pedestrian or vehicle traffic can be stained or damaged by everyday use. In an effort to prevent this from happening, the outdoor concrete coating is used to add a layer of protection to concrete surfaces and prevent it from wearing out fast. There are different types of concrete coating available. Here are five of these types:

Outdoor Concrete CoatingOutdoor Concrete Sealer

At the basic level is a simple concrete sealer that’s designed to keep out moisture and protect against minor wear and staining. Since it’s the necessary level of outdoor concrete coating, this product can be found anywhere and is used in the residential market for driveways and decorative patios.

Epoxy Coatings

The second one on our list is the epoxy coating. Durable and water-resistant, epoxy coatings protect concrete surfaces from impacts and abrasions to a higher degree than a simple concrete sealer. Aggregates such as quartz can be broadcast over the coating as it sets for an anti-slip surface, which is ideal for wet conditions. However, its downside is that overexposure to ultraviolet light can damage the epoxy coating, causing it to appear “chalky” or turn yellow.

Urethane-based Coatings

If you’re looking for yet a higher level of concrete protection, you may want to consider a modified urethane coating. Urethane is known to be durable, water-resistant, and can also withstand staining from spilled oils and chemicals.

Waterproof Stadium Coating

For outdoor concrete surfaces that must withstand weather and foot traffic, the best option to choose is a special waterproof deck coating. This coating is the one that’s used for sports stadiums. This type of outdoor concrete coating is often reinforced with anti-slip materials to keep people safe, even during inclement weather.

Elastomeric Traffic Coatings

Finally, for outdoor concrete surfaces that take a lot of beating and abuse from vehicle traffic, you may want to invest in an elastomeric traffic coating. This type of coating offers one of the highest levels of outdoor concrete protection.

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