The Basics of Floor Polishing Service Based on the Type of Flooring

One of the most abused parts of the house is the floor. It goes through a lot every single day, no thanks to high foot traffic, pressure from the weight of the furniture and others things, as well as exposure to extreme and continually changing temperature. Simply put, no matter how religious you are in taking care of the flooring, it eventually loses its beauty and sheen. Thankfully, there is a way to restore its aesthetic integrity. We are talking about floor polishing.

While you probably think that floor polishing is something you can do on your own, there are companies out there offering the service with professional results. However, before you contemplate on hiring a professional floor polishing Adelaide service, it is imperative that you learn what type of flooring you have, the purpose of which is to figure out which polishing to apply.

1 – Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic tiles are one of the most preferred flooring types in Australia since they are not just easy to install, but also reasonably priced. More importantly, ceramic tiles come in a wide range of options. However, when it comes to polishing, the first thing you must realise is that ceramic tiles have different textures. For example, some of them are high gloss while others are matt and have anti-skid properties.

2 – Laminate Floors

If you happen to have laminate flooring at home, there is a reason for you to be happy when it comes to polishing since it is convenient to maintain. With that in mind, a laminate floor is also easy to polish, even with significant surface damage. In fact, most floor polishing services offer lower prices for laminate floors.

3 – Concrete

Another type of flooring that qualifies for professional polishing Adelaide is concrete. Aside from the fact that it is easy to install, polishing it is a rather straightforward task. You can even do the polishing on your own, but we do recommend hiring the experts since some dents and damage to it need the hands of an experienced contractor. Similar to most other floors, concrete flooring has different textures that may prove challenging for you.

4 – Marble

It is no secret that that marble flooring is one of the oldest floors in the world. In fact, you see it in ancient ruins of cities and civilisations. The reason why it still exists today is that it is durable, versatile, and comes in a wide range of textures. Unlike the first three flooring types, marble does not easily scratch or deteriorate. It has a natural shine in it, which means that you may not have to polish it for a long time. However, once the need for polishing arises, professional services in your area are more than willing to take care of the job for you.