Features of the Best Silage Covers

When making silage for your livestock, there are several ways you can preserve the silage to ensure it retains its quality for a long time. You can, for example, make use of silage pits, silage wrap, or silage covers. This article will look at the use of silage covers and how to know quality covers when buying online.

Making silage is important to secure enough feeds for your livestock, especially when you are doing livestock farming as a business. When you finally make your silage, how do you preserve it? One way of storing silage is using the silage covers. This is where you make your silage and then instead of keeping the bales and wrapping or putting them in pits, you cover the silage instead. To do this, you need to buy quality silage covers Adelaide.

The best silage covers incorporate the latest technology to help farmers preserve highest nutritional value from their silage. The ideal silage cover needs to protect the silage pile from water and air intrusion, and by selecting high-quality silage covers, you will end up with reduced dry matter losses and means maximum feed freshness. Most silage covers are made with the farmer in mind to provide the best value for the dollars spent. The silage covers are manufactured with premium grade resin to offer the strongest and most tear-resistant features.

Lowering the Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR)

The input cost to harvest and store quality silage continues to rise, and this automatically increases the value of forage. For this reason, the best silage covers significantly reduce the feed waste by minimising the amount of oxygen passing into the silage pile to preserve the feed value. When the OTR value is lowered, the silage will be in a stable condition. The silage cover provides impressive results by reducing oxygen transmission and increasing the quality with one-step installation. If you are wondering how this works, it’s very simple, the lower the OTR, the fresher the feed.

Silages covers that have a low OTR help both the beef and dairy producers to increase their productivity by maintaining quality silage throughout the bunker for increased weight gain per day and additional pounds of milk.

If you are shopping for quality silage covers Adelaide, be sure to look for the qualities mentioned in this article. If you can get such a silage cover, then you are on your way to preserving quality and enough silage for your livestock. The bottom line is doing the right research to ensure that you buy quality silage covers from reputable dealers.