Why You Need to Have a Tree Stump Removed

After you have had a massive tree from your backyard cut, a huge stump is left behind. Underneath it is a complex stump removal SAnetwork of living roots. Because of this, sometimes, after cutting the trunk, the roots from the stump can sprout, and you will have another tree soon. You can always keep the new tree if that is your choice. If that isn’t your intention though, then you need to have the stump removed. Even though not all stumps will sprout, there are always other reasons why you might consider to hire stump removal SA services. This article will look at three significant reasons why you might think of having the stump removed from your backyard.

Safety Reasons

The kids are always playful and will spend most of their time playing in the backyard as long as the weather is beautiful. Therefore, they will likely play around it, and it is possible that one day they could get injured. By removing the stump, you are not only making your backyard safe but also creating more play area.

Prevent Pests

I am sure you are wondering how removing a stump can prevent pests. Well, we all know that most pests like termites love wood. With a dead stump in your backyard, it is a desirable habitat for pests. The dead stump will attract termites and ants, and soon the pests will multiply and find their way into your house. It is not required of you to have to deal with pests. Therefore, instead of risking a pest infestation, you need to have the tree stump removed.

Beauty Reasons

Another reason why you might consider stump removal SA is the aesthetic appeal. A dead stump in your backyard will not add any beauty to your property. In fact, it could lower the value of your property. By removing the dead stump, you can put the area to better use by, for example, planting flowers or extending your natural lawn. You need to hire professional stump removal services, and there are many out there. Proper research is necessary to ensure that your project is in the right hands. You can start by asking the tree company you use for pruning and trimming if they can help you with the stump removal. Friends’ referrals and doing your research online will help you get a trustworthy stump removal company also.