Are Weighted Covers Worth Buying?

Weighted blankets are heavier than ordinary blankets. They weight from 4 to 30 pounds, making them heavier than the average blankets. For many individuals who have an anxiety disorder, insomnia or autism, weighted covers may offer a safe alternative to medication or other treatments. These covers can as well be used to complement other ongoing therapies for better results.



Research has it that weighted blankets reduce symptoms and manage these conditions. These covers promise to improve your sleep and ease anxiety by mimicking the feeling of a hug. Who wouldn’t want a good hug? If you are unsure whether you should get these weighted covers, read more to find out.


Why Use a Weighted Blanket


These covers are filled with plastic poly-pellets weighing from 4 to 30 pounds. The way the blanket cocoons the body is a form of pressure therapy – stroking, firm squeezing, swaddling and massage that calms the nervous system and reduces high comfort levels in both children and adults. The pressure from the covers stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for turning off your stress response which will, in turn, make you relaxed and peaceful.



Weighted Blankets and Sleep


For many years, kids with developmental disorders more so autism have used weighted covers to sleep soundly. However, research is lacking in whether they work. In a study, it was revealed that a weighted blanket does not make an autistic kid fall asleep faster, wake less often, or sleep for many hours. However, kids and their parents said that they prefer the weighted blanket over the normal one. There is some evidence that weighted covers could help adults who have insomnia. A 2015 study from Sweden revealed that individuals with moderate insomnia slept longer and moved less when using these covers.


So Should You Buy One?


You should know that a weighted cover is just one tool that will help you deal with anxiety, autism, insomnia etc. Dealing with sleeplessness and anxiety requires a multi-pronged approach that includes therapy, medication, and dietary changes. Most dealers allow returns within a week and up to a month from the purchase date so that you can have a bit of time to try your cover and see whether it works for you or not.


In a nutshell, it is worth a try as there is no harm in trying. You will realise that there are high chances that your weighted blanket will work for you or your child. Note that when buying, you should look for a reliable dealer to get advice on which weighted blanket matches your needs. Also, a reputable dealer will offer the best process and allow returns within a month in case the blanket does not work for you.