Plantation Shutters For Beach Houses

Plantation Shutters For Beach Houses

Building a beach house, you’ll want shutters that fit the area. There are many design options for your shutters, including a central tilt rod, custom colour matching, and multiple paint colours. You can also choose from various frame styles, and here are some ideas for beach-themed shutters. You can even get custom-made shutters in your favourite beach house colour. And since beach-themed shutters are trendy in Florida, you’ll probably find plenty of options.


Board and batten shutters

If you want your shutters to look quaint and charming, consider board and batten styles. Unlike panel shutters, which are more modern and sleek, board and batten styles have a classic, timeless appeal. These shutters are made of vertically-running planks held together by horizontal battens. The result is a classic style that fits any beach house’s decor.


Selecting the colour and finish of shutters can be tricky. First, keep in mind the colour palette of the rest of your home. At the same time, shutters can add an unexpected touch to a beach house and complement surrounding hues. Blues, from navy to light turquoise, are a standard colour palette for beach houses. Greens, reds, and off-whites are also excellent choices for the exterior of a beach house. For more details, get redirected here.


Tieback shutters

A beach house’s plantation shutters should be bright and white, if possible. A neutral colour is best for this type of home, as it makes the room feel airy. You can also match your shutters with a colourful valance or sheer curtain. If you’re going for a retro look, you may consider cafe-style shutters or sheer curtains. Tieback shutters allow you to see the outside view through the windows without blocking the view from inside the room.


The design and material of tiebacks on plantation shutters for beach houses can be customised with a custom cutout. They are also available in various panel profiles and configurations and can be paired with almost any home style. Board and batten shutters are another popular option for beach houses and can be found on many types of homes, including Victorian and French. They are both charming and quaint and look great on beach houses.


Panel shutters

If you’re considering installing plantation shutters in your beach house, you may wonder what the differences between panel shutters and traditional plantation shutters are. Plantation shutters offer unparalleled control over sunlight. They help create excellent mood lighting while avoiding the problem of blackout curtains and blinds that block too much light and make it difficult to enjoy the view. And unlike traditional shutters, they don’t require a significant dent in your wallet. Fortunately, they come in a wide range of styles and prices.


Both panel and louvre shutters can be customised for each window. Panel shutters come with various configurations and profiles that can complement just about any home style, from traditional Victorian to beach cottages. Panel shutters are perhaps the most widely known shutter style and are popular because of their versatility. You can choose from various panel profiles and configurations for a truly unique look. For more details, get redirected here.


Aluminium shutters

You have a few options for shutters for your beach house. You can get wooden shutters, which will be perfect for a cottage-style home, or you can choose synthetic shutters that are more resistant to the elements. Both types have different benefits but require less maintenance than wood shutters. However, wood shutters are susceptible to moisture issues, so synthetic shutters are a better choice if you live in an area with a lot of rain.


Another way to increase the curb appeal of your beach house is to install high-quality exterior shutters. These shutters provide a high level of privacy and control of sunlight, making them perfect for a beach house. They can also be used to insulate your home, increasing energy efficiency and curb appeal. Choose from Bermuda, louvre, or panel shutters to match the look of your home. Whatever you choose, you’ll be glad you decided to upgrade your home’s exterior.