Top Winter-Proofing Methods for the Home

Winter-proofing the home is one of the least known ways to save money in the long run. Some homeowners are unaware that they are saving money by ensuring that winter-related problems don’t take place. Read the article to know more about ways to keep your Melbourne home warm and safe throughout the holidays.


  1. Fill in the Gaps


Some homes still feel the cold breeze during winter even if they have ducted gas heating systems. This is because there are leaky spots in windows or doors that allow air to pass through.


Weeks before the holidays kick in, use a reliable caulking gun to seal gaps in window frames. Holes and open spots in these areas are mostly the places where cold air passes through. A hairdryer and candle will help you find out where the unsealed spots are. If you read the article, you’ll find more tips about winter-proofing the home.


  1. Prepare your Heating System


There are various types of heating systems that people in Melbourne use. However, most homeowners prefer ducted gas heating. This type of heater ensures that every room in the house is heated during winter.


Melbourne has recorded some of the coldest winters in Australia. Many homeowners in the region have switched to ducted gas heating even if they have existing heating systems. This particular heater has proven to be more efficient in energy use and provision of warmth even for huge houses.


  1. Check the Thermostat


If you won’t be at home anyway for some days, it is best to turn down the thermostat. Keeping the thermostat down while nobody is at home will help reduce the amount on your electricity bill throughout the winter season.


  1. Insulate the Basement


Many homeowners ignore the basement during winter. However, it is this area that is actually the coldest during the holidays. Low temperatures in the cellar could affect the rest of the home. Adding extra insulation systems in the basement will help you save on energy use while keeping off the cold.

The above tips are all proven to help reduce costs during winter. Your ducted gas heating system will surely do its job of keeping the home warm. However, it will also help keep your home heater in good shape and running efficiently if it receives support from other methods for winter-proofing.


Consult with a heating expert several weeks before the cold breeze starts blowing. You can also ask about their maintenance services. Some providers offer packaged deals to help reduce costs for you while ensuring that professionals will be available during the installation and whenever you have problems with the system.


Stay warm and cosy during the winter months by installing a reliable heating system and checking around the house of leaks.