Month: January 2018

You Need Very Little Technical Skills to Have A Website These Days

As I was telling my mom’s senior citizen friends, ‘If you can email, you can blog!’ Yup, it’s that easy. With today’s drag and drop technology and intuitive interfaces (oh, don’t get scared — that just means features you can easily figure out without the computer exploding), website design is easy. Besides, the search engines don’t care about design — just unique content.

When I started in mid-2003, I had absolutely no knowledge about building websites, blogging, or Google Adsense. I was 38 years old, knew zero HTML (we used typewriters in college), but I knew that the internet held lots of opportunities for everyone.

I wanted to be a webmaster before I turned 40 — it was just one of those things. . . And, since I thought I had no product to sell, I decided to make a travel website about my hometown. I was hoping to sell ads to the locals to pay for the hosting, or maybe come up with an e-store, but none of those things came to pass.

But then I discovered Google Adsense.

And then blogs exploded all over the world.