4 SA Garden Design Ideas To Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Who doesn’t want a great-looking garden? Every homeowner dreams of the perfect SA garden design that will boost the overall appearance and kerb appeal of their outdoor space. But as the cliche goes, ‘dreams will remain dreams if you don’t work for it.’ That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you four of the best garden design tips that will make the most of your outdoor area:


1.) Get Your Lawn Into Shape

Your lawn occupies the majority of your outdoor space. That’s more than enough reason for you to consider maintaining it regularly. It’s also the foundation of an enjoyable garden. That’s why regular maintenance is required. Mow your lawn grass, water your plants, cut down unwanted trees, remove moulds and shrubs and make sure your lawn looks great before you even conceptualise about your ideal garden design.


2.) Never Overlook Your Flower Beds

One metre or more is the perfect size for a border, giving you ample space to place smaller plants at the front with taller ones behind it. However, if you don’t have enough space to house metre-deep beds, you can alternatively place climbers at the back of your garden border. That way, you can still get some height in your plants. If you do opt for climbing plants, choose an evergreen like clematis, which provides a colourful and beautiful display.


3.) Good Landscaping Will Set the Tone

The colours and the way your paving is laid will provide a strong SA garden design concept for your entire lawn. For instance, while or grey stones laid in a random pattern will set the scene for a French-Victorian country look. Silver or black paving will create the perfect backdrop to a modern and sleek design scheme, while gold-coloured stones arranged in a mixed pattern creates an English-Utopian country feel.


4.) Coordinate Your Plants and Paving

Finally, if you’re looking to create your dream garden, keen attention to detail is vital. Create a beautiful Scheme by coordinating your blooms with your choice of paving. Here are some excellent examples:


Silver and black pavings look great when paired with intense, vibrant colours such as red, yellow, and orange.

White or grey stones look splendid with white and purple blooms.

Golden pavings work well with flowers that have soft tones – pink, lavender, and light yellow.



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